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Before using our technology, we require users to fill in 2 questionnaires that are needed to improve the quality and accuracy of the vital signs.

User Profile Questionnaire

The user profile will request users to fill in some general information that is needed to help with blood pressure calculation and also a few other vital signs.

Gender at birthMale / Female
Height (cm)120 - 220
Weight (kg)30 - 300

Medical History Questionnaire

The medical history questionnaires will request users to answer some simple questions regarding their medical history which will be used to calculate different disease risk likelihoods.

Do you smoke?No / Yes
Do you have hypertension?No / Yes
Are you taking blood pressure medication?No / Yes
Are you diabetic?No / Type 1 / Type 2
Do you have a heart disease?No / Yes
Do you have depression?No / Yes