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Best Practices for the Facial Scan

Position Yourself Inside The Green Border


Once you click on the start button, a green human border will appear on your screen. This will guide you for a correct position and distance to make the scanning more effective. Make sure you are positioning yourself to be inside the green border.


  • Put the camera near your eye level
  • Keep your face well within the border and facing the camera
  • Ensure suitable distance between you and the camera


  • Do not sit too far away from or too close to the device

Too Far or Too Close

Ensure Camera is Steady

Stable camera

Shaky camera may affect the reading of the scanning. Please make sure that the device is placed on a steady place and do minimum movement.


  • Place device on steady surface
  • Prevent shaking the device


  • Do not talk
  • Do not make big movements

Whole Face Displayed on Camera

Whole Face Visible

Make sure that your face is fully displayed on camera. Remove anything covering your face.


  • Face the camera
  • Make sure your face is not covered such as with hat, hoodie, mask, hair.


  • Do not wear anything that cover your face (hat, hoodie, mask) No Covers

  • Do not turn your face sideways No Sideways

Ensure Even and Sufficient Lighting on Your Face

Well Lit

Uneven lighting may affect the correctness of your reading. Indoor lighting is recommended to ensure correct lighting more easily


  • Choose a well-lit area, ensuring light (preferably indoor light) is evenly shed on your face


  • Do not have uneven light on you face (e.g. sunlight) Uneven Light
  • Backlighting Backlight