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Vue SDK 1.1.0

Sample Code

The easiest and fastest way to get started with the SDK is to download and try the sample code. We provide full featured samples for different frameworks and platforms for developer to start with:

Download Vue Sample Code


In the above sample codes, the strings __YOUR_USER_ID__ and __YOUR_API_KEY__ should be replaced by your own User ID and API Key repectively. Please contact us to obtain your User ID and API Key.


In your Vue project, install the SDK with the npm install or yarn add commands. For example:

npm install ""
yarn add ""


Please use Webpack as the bundler for your production code. Other web bundling tool such as Vite is not supported yet.

What's new

Added a new property faceDetectorType to VitalSignCamera. Now the SDK supports using different face detector by setting one of the following values:

  • FaceDetectorType.MediaPipe (To use MediaPipe face detector. Default)
  • FaceDetectorType.OpenCV (To use OpenCV face detector.)

If OpenCV face detector is used, make sure the models files is copied to the public folder of the project. For detail, please refer to the sample code.