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ReactNative SDK 3.0.6

Sample Code

The easiest and fastest way to get started with the SDK is to download and try the sample code. We provide full featured samples for different frameworks and platforms for developer to start with:

Download ReactNative Sample Code


In the above sample codes, the strings __YOUR_USER_ID__ and __YOUR_API_KEY__ should be replaced by your own User ID and API Key repectively. Please contact us to obtain your User ID and API Key.


In your ReactNative project, install the SDK with the npm install or yarn add commands.

npm install ""
yarn add ""

What's new


  • Fixed Android blank camera problem.
  • The property device is now optional.


To avoid the Android blank camera problem, please update the code to pass in the correct device to the component. It is because some Android devices do not have the wide-screen-camera. An althernative to fix the problem is to omit the device property and let the SDK to select the correct camera. For detail, please refer to the sample code.

Also, the device is not optional, please remove the following code from your page that using the component:

// This code is not needed any more. Please remove it.
if (device == null) {
    return <></>


  • Fixed iPhone 15 crash.

Migration from 2.x SDK

  • If you are using our ReactNative 2.x SDK and want to migrate to the latest API of the ReactNative 3.x SDK, please follow our Migration Guide.

For ReactNative 2.x SDK only:

The 3.x SDK is designed to be 100% backward compatiable to 2.x SDK, all the 2.x API is still available in 3.x SDK. Your code works well with 3.x SDK without any code change. However, 2.x API will be deprecated and all the new advanced features will be added to 3.x API only. Please follow our Migration Guide for migrating to 3.x SDK.